Why Convert to Solar Energy?

Save Money

The number one reason for you to switch to solar energy is to save money. Click the link above to find out how much money you can save a month.

Its an easy way to "go green"

Having solar panels will decrease your carbon footprint. Electricity is one of the big factors to global warming due to using dirty fossil fuels. Solar energy is clean and renewable energy.

Great Investment

If you're not familiar with using solar energy as your only form of power you may be hesitant which is understandable. Acushnet Alternative Heating will be there every step of the way from your first quote to installing the last solar panel. This change in your home's energy source can save you thousands of dollars. Click on the free quote button to see how much money you can save.

Adding Value to Your Home

Adding solar panels to your home can help the resale value and even sell faster compared to a home without solar energy.